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Lessons learnt as a youtube streamer

February 17, 2021 β€’ β˜•οΈ 2 min read

Last year March i have started publishing videos my youtube channel JunkCast7. At the initial start i believed posting videos on youtube is pretty simple.On March 2020 i prepared my first video about javascript challenges. With my macbook Pro 2017 and defult built-in screen recorders the video came well. It was not upto high standard in terms of quality but still it's compromising.

Doing isn’t enough, you need to know how to market your work

This was my most hard-hitting realization in the social networking career. In my start of my job, i used to technical writings about ruby, html and publish it on my blog. And via seo, i got quite a few audiences. But on youtube the reality is totally different. We have more competitors and more videos on the same content. I am a person works hard for the stuff to get done and not to interest on marketting the stuffs. It took a while to realize that's not enough. Knowing how to present your work to your audience or right people is key on the current world. It's applicable to all fields and i am not restricting to specific field.

Topics do matter

My intial videos are about coding challenges on Javascript and material design styles. But the vidoes doesn't reach out well and the reason might be more related content is already available on Youtube. Then i published a video about a real time work/problem and to my surprise i had more views. Thereby i conclue real time topics only will have more reach than normal ones.

Tools i came to know

Screen recorder, OBS, Canvaa, Adobe spark are the tools which i used for my youtube videos.


Learning is an art and i find the streaming videos helps me to learn and know about the new technologies and challenges.